Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Exam on Ruth

Hi all just wanted to let you know that I am still bloging even though I have not posted for awhile. Here is a copy of the exam I put in n Ruth. Let me know your thoughts on it. Also can you pray for me I am finding my MS very hard to cope with.


Bible Characters Correspondence Course

Q1. In less than 1000 words write on the background to the book of Ruth?

The book of Ruth follows on after the time of the judges. It was when the period of the judges ended, that the people began to sin more. The generations of people to come did not have a great knowledge of God. They became a wicked nation. There was no one to rule the people. So “ Every man did that which was right n his own eyes” Judges 21 v 25. God after this had to punish the people. So he sent a famine to the land of Israel.
It was during the famine that Elimelech moved his family to Moab. Instead of turning to the Lord, and waiting for the Lord to bless Bethlehem. Elimelech ran from God. He must take responsibility for moving his family from God’s blessing. Just as we all must take responsibility for our decisions.
It is through Elimelech moving his family to the heathen land of Moab that we meet Ruth the young Moabite girl. Nowhere do we read that Elimelech or his family spent time in prayer with the Lord to seek his will before moving to his heathen land. There was no sign of God being in the land of Moab. God does not want his people to take up the ways of the world. We must always seek God’s face in prayer for his will in our life. As if the move to Moab was not bad enough. His two sons Mahlon and Chilion took for themselves each a wife from the women of Moab. The names of these two women are Orpah and Ruth. It tells us in V4 they stayed in Moab for about 10 years. What the two sons did in marrying these girls was against the will of God. The Israelites were not to have anything to do with the Moabites Deuteronomy 23 V 3. When we start to sin against God there is no knowing where it will end.
It tells us in the Bible that the family lived in Bethlehem – Judah, which means the house of bread. This town had known the blessing of God. Even though there was a famine in the land there was still enough food for the people. Elimelech did not need to leave his land. By doing this he was turning his back on God. When we turn away from God it will lead to serious trouble. Elimelech and his family soon learned that the land of Moab was a place of sorrow. This move was against the will of God, which leads to death. We read about this in Ruth Ch 1 V 3,5. Naomi had to watch as her family was taken away before her eyes. Not just did she lose her husband, but she also saw the death of both her sons.
This book shows us the outworking of the Lord’s kindness to us. Elimelech’s aim was to try to protect his family and himself from death, but he could not cheat death neither can we. After Elimelech’s death there were sad consequences for his wife Naomi. She became a widow in a foreign land. Naomi became a bitter woman. “And she said unto them, Call me not Naomi, call me Mara: for the Almighty hath dealt very bitterly with me.” Ruth 1 v 20. The book of Ruth tells us that Naomi had been dealt some very bitter experiences. Ignoring the Lord’s rule for our life is something to be taken seriously. It tells us in Jeremiah 2 v 19
Thine own wickedness shall correct thee, and thy backslidings shall reprove thee: know therefore and see that it is an evil thing and bitter, that thou hast forsaken the LORD thy God, and that my fear is not in thee, saith the Lord GOD of hosts.
Ruth 1 tells us that after the death of her husband and sons Naomi was left in poverty in a strange country. It was also a country without God. The move to Moab had left Naomi poorer than ever before. Naomi’s story tells us that sins has no benefit – Romans 6: 23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
But it all changed when Naomi decided to leave Moab and go back to Bethlehem, because she had heard that God had visited his people. Bethlehem was now a land producing its crops again. God had been merciful to his people yet once again. This led Naomi to remember all the good times that she had when she was in the will of God. It must have been a very hard decision for Naomi to make to return after 10 years. Just like it must be a hard time for the backslider when they make the decision to come back to the Lord. Naomi had only heard small bit f news of what God was doing for his people. But she decided to leave her daughters in law and return to her home country. We can see from this that even a small speck of faith in God will be rewarded. Naomi had to leave sinful Moab and repent of her sin.
When Naomi left she told Orpah and Ruth to go their own way. But Ruth wanted to stay with Naomi so she went back to Bethlehem with her. Naomi was in a bitter backslidden state, she wanted the girls to return to the idols of Moab. Naomi’s eyes were on the bread that was now available in Israel, not the giver of the bread. Ruth went with Naomi to Bethlehem because she was a good, caring daughter- in – law, not because of Naomi’s “faith”.
It was the beginning of the barley harvest when the two women returned to Bethlehem. Ruth wanted Naomi’s God to be her God. Ruth separates herself from the people of sinful Moab. To join herself with God’s people. We to are to separate ourselves from sinful people and cling to God.

Q2 Write a summary (500 words) of the events surrounding the Ruth working in the harvest field?

It was after the two women came back from the land of Moab, they had no one to provide for them. Ruth had repented from her sin and was now following God. It was the start of the harvest when the two women returned. This was a time of great joy for the people. It is an even greater joy for God’s people when a lost soul comes to Christ. For the fields are white unto harvest. Ruth was a poor widow who had nothing. Under the law of God Ruth was entitled to work in the field unhindered. Ruth wanted to go out and work. She was a very willing young woman. Ruth was willing to work regardless of the cost. We must be willing to do God’s work no matter the cost to us. Ruth was willing to do even the smallest of jobs.
Ruth also wanted to look after her mother – in – law. She was also a blessing to her. We should help out and be a blessing to other Christians. The work that Ruth done in the harvest field meant that she was satisfied.
When in the harvest field Ruth was picking up the ears of corn that had been dropped by the men bringing in the harvest. Ruth was very dedicated to her work; she worked from the start of the wheat harvest to the end of the barley harvest. It must have been a very long hard day for Ruth working in the field. The work that Ruth did in the field was very rewarding for her and Naomi. We to will be rewarded when we are doing God’s work. Ruth went to the field that Naomi told her to go to. We know that Ruth was a foreigner in the land so she would not know about whose field was whose.
From the work that Ruth was doing in the field she came back weighed down with an abundance of barley. We are told in V17 she came back with an ephah, which is about 5 gallons. That would have been about half a month’s wages. Ruth must have been very tired but also very contented as she staggered home with her load to her mother in law. She left in the morning with nothing and returned home full. The Lord had been merciful on Ruth. The Lord delights to show lavish favour to those who take refuge in him (v12). This shows that Ruth and Naomi where in the shadow of his wings, where they started to experience the favour he promises to those who take refuge there. The Lord has all these events planned to give hope for the future.

Q3. Write on Ruth’s fellowship with Boaz?

Ruth first became aware of Boaz when she went to glean the ears of corn in his field. We know that Boaz was a mighty man of God. Through Boaz we can see a picture of Christ. Boaz was a man who had strength, ability and was a good leader of his workers.
Boaz was related to Naomi’s dead husband Elimelech. He was a very rich man. Even though there had been a famine in the land, Boaz was still able to stay a man of great wealth. But out Lord has even more resources to offer us than what Boaz had.
Ruth knew nothing about Boaz and his relationship to Elimelech. This was a plan of the Lord’s for the life of Ruth. Ruth chose to go to that particular field. She was doing what the Lord in his power and will had decided beforehand should happen. The Lord had meticulously planned for these two to meet. Nothing had been left to chance. The Lord caused Ruth to pick out the field that belonged to Boaz to seek favour in without her even knowing.
Boaz was a relative, a man of standing, able to meet the needs of the two women. He was a Godly man. Boaz was also obedient to the law of the Lord, which said not to go back and get an overlooked sheaf. Leave if for the fatherless or the widowed. Boaz welcomed Ruth; he did not treat her as a foreigner. He called her “ my daughter”.
Ruth was to abide with Boaz’s maidens in the field. She was to drink water from his vessels whenever she was thirsty. Boaz was looking after Ruth in his field. He helped her by getting the men to drop corn for her. We are told that Ruth worked in the field all day. She obeyed Boaz, just as the child of God should obey Christ.
Boaz was the “Mr. Right” for Ruth. Ruth told Naomi about Boaz and how he had let her eat and drink with them to she was full. She was also happy to talk about Boaz to Naomi. We should also be happy to talk to others about Christ. Ruth had respect for Boaz; we should have respect for Christ.
Ruth wanted to meet this man again and spend time with him. She only wanted to meet the Lord of the harvest again. We should be like this with Christ; He should be the only one for us. Ruth did not rush into things with Boaz all guns blazing, but she took time to prepare herself. She made sure that after a hard days work in the field, she went and cleansed herself. Before she went back down to the floor to Boaz. Just like Ruth we need to be clean before we enter Christ’s presence. Ruth left Naomi, to go to the threshing floor where Boaz was. This was where she could be alone with Boaz. Ruth was willing to take instructions from Boaz as to what he would have her to do. She had to be obedient; we to must be obedient to Christ.
When Ruth went to meet Boaz on the threshing floor the harvest was over. Ruth lay down at the feet of Boaz and uncovered his feet. She humbled herself to him (Ruth 3 v 7). Through this time of fellowship Ruth received lots of blessings. Ruth meets her redeemer in more than one way. There was Boaz but there was also Christ. She also received blessing from Boaz as well as blessings from Christ. Ruth 3 v 15 tells us that she came to Boaz empty and went away full.
The happiest time for the Christian is when they spend time in fellowship with Christ. Ruth asks Boaz to cover her to give her shelter and to provide for her needs. The two women must have had a lot to fear when they moved back from Moab. But with Boaz as her redeemer she now had nothing to fear.
Ruth became the wife of Boaz, because he paid the price for her. We could not enter into God’s presence; only Christ paid the price for us on the cross. But we must note that this was not done in secret (Ruth 4 v 9). When we come to Christ we must also declare it openly. Ruth now belongs to Boaz as he had redeemed her. Just as when we get saved we belong to Christ.
Ruth after getting married to Boaz gave birth to a son. Another great blessing to her from God. We can never count the blessings that God has given to us Ephesians 1. “ Count your blessing name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done”. Ruth 4 shows great joy and happiness. There is no sadness there when we are in Christ and truly redeemed.
The description that we have of Boaz reminds us of the Lord Jesus. Just as Boaz was “ Mr. Right” for Ruth and lavished countless kindness on her, so too when we take refuge in the Lord. Who is truly right for all He will shower us with lavish love and kindness. John 5:39Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. These scriptures testify about me. They are also the scriptures that are talked about in Ruth 2.